Join Rabbi Hershenson and Temple Beth Tikvah members in study, discussion and community engagement. Through our adult education classes, B’nai Mitzvah program, Havdallah with a Maven and Havdallah and a Movie events, we learn together, connect with each other and explore the ancient and modern Jewish story. 

See below for this month’s adult education offerings. Check the calendar for upcoming adult education classes and events.

Adult Education Program Schedule (2016-2017)

11/5 Havdallah with a Maven – Adam Heyman, Policing
11/8 Adult Education Class - Spinoza’s Heresy: Free Will vs. Determinism
12/3 Havdallah and a Movie – Theme of freedom/diversity – “Trembling before God”
12/13 Adult Education Class - Who is a Jew? Jewish legal disputes among the Israeli Rabbinic Court, Orthodox Jews around the world, and non-Orthodox Jews
1/10 Adult Education Class - A MITZVAH State of Mind
1/21 Havdallah with a Maven – Alex Charney Cohen, National Guard Disaster Preparation
2/4 Havdallah and a Movie – Theme of ritual and practice – “Ushpizin”
2/14 Adult Education Class - Rituals of Love
3/14 Adult Education Class - The Search for Meaning: Psychological Aggadot, Mysticism, and Mussar
3/18 Havdallah with a Maven – Mel Siegel, Ethics of Robotics and Driver-less Cars
4/18 Adult Education Class – Counting the Omer: Kabbalah and Sephirot Explained
5/6 Havdallah and a Movie – Theme of contemporary Israel – Movie tbd
5/16 Adult Education Class - Israel: Then and Now (Read My Promised Land, Ari Shavit)