Families and friends fill the sanctuary on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Simchat Torah, and  Friday night Shabbats. While the words in our prayer books strike a chord that resonates with the past, our Rabbi’s sermons challenge us to think about the future. And the joyful, sometimes plaintive, sounds of music and song rivet us to the present.

The beauty of our music gives texture and dimension that enriches our worship experience. Lauren Olander, TBT’s music director, continues to expand and evolve the musical contribution. Our two talented musicians, Jo Booser and Julie Geveshausen, add depth through layers of violin, piano and harp. (And Jo so bravely blows the shofar during the High Holy Days.)

Eileen Heaton, a professional singer and teacher for 40 years, raises her gorgeous voice in song as our cantorial vocalist. And occasionally, gifted guest musicians grace the sanctuary stage, including cellists Janet and Zeta Gesme. 

Although we have no permanent home to call our own, we do not wander. We hold worship services in a welcoming sanctuary at the First Presbyterian church. Our ark of black walnut, designed by TBT member and architect Lawrence Schechter, adorns the dais and houses two beautiful old Torah scrolls inside.

Our Rabbi, congregants, musicians and singers step into and back from the liturgical flow. Culminating in memorable services embedded in our collective hearts and minds. While the act of prayer is a personal journey, worshipping together strengthens our ties to community.